Conversion to tournament software

By root - Posted on 19 December 2013

Dear FIR Racketlon Players,


With 2014 FIR has changed its tournament system from Result Reporter to Tournament Software! In order to be able to play in future international Racketlon events and keep your name on the FIR World Rankings we kindly ask you to move your players profiles until 31.12.2013 latest as follows:



10 Steps to register for FIR Tournament Software with existing Resultreporter accounts


1. Go to (Attention NO www.)
2. Press “Sign UP” (right next to: New at Federation Internationale de Racketlon)
3. Rules and Regulations: click “I Agree”
4. Personal Information: Enter ONLY First name, Last name, Birth date, Gender, Nationality
5. POP UP will appear: “We have found an existing Person”, this should be your ONE AND ONLY OLD Resultreporter account!
6. Membership: If you are “your name and birthdate appears” click here to continue
7. POP UP will appear: “Are you sure you want to continue registration using the details of this person? You will not be able to change personal details during registration. PRESS OK
8. Account information: Choose NEW Login name, password and E-mail address and press Submit
9. Pay membership: You will be directed to paypal payment of FIR annual license fee 12€ for 2014
10. You can now enter all tournaments on where the online entry is open. Currently Vienna Classics, Swedish Open and Canadian Open.

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Last event registration

Hartmuth Beck, Austria, registered for Seniors 45+ (born 1968+) in Ă–sterr. Meisterschaften Senioren und Jugend on July 23.

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Maximilian Asen
Austria, 2014-07-17