• Binance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao has commented on the recent decline of BUSD, noting that its market cap has dropped by $2.45 billion and most of it has moved to USDT.
• USDC’s market cap also declined by about $739 million due to the regulatory events against BUSD and its issuer Paxos.
• CZ tweeted that there is a shift in the stablecoin landscape, with traders moving capital away from BUSD into Tether (USDT).

Binance CEO Comments on Decline of BUSD

Binance CEO Changpeng ‚CZ‘ Zhao recently commented on the recent decline of Binance USD (BUSD), noting that its market cap had so far dropped by over $2.45 billion and that most of it had gone into Tether (USDT). Over this period, USD Coin (USDC) also saw its market cap shrink by about $739 million amid the regulatory events surrounding BUSD and its issuer Paxos.

Shift In Stablecoin Landscape

CZ stated in a tweet that there was an evident shift in the stablecoin landscape as traders have been increasingly moving their capital away from BUSD into USDT. The release of another $1 billion worth of USDT recently further emphasizes this point, while TrueFi (TRU) saw its price increase after Binance minted $50 million worth of True USD (TUSD).

What Is The Impact?

The negative view towards BUSD following the regulatory action against Paxos has left investors hesitant to invest in it, with many turning to Tether instead for their stablecoin needs. This has caused both USDC and TUSD prices to drop as well, leading to a significant decrease in their respective market caps.

What Does This Mean For Crypto Markets?

The shift in funds from one stablecoin to another could lead to significant changes within crypto markets as traders move capital around depending on which asset offers them more security or higher returns at any given time. As such, it will be interesting to see how these dynamics develop over time and what impact they have on pricing across different assets.


Overall, CZ’s comments regarding the recent decline in BUSD’s marketcap serves as an illustration of how quickly sentiments can change within cryptocurrency markets depending on regulatory developments or other newsworthy events. Investors should remain vigilant when investing in any asset class and take necessary precautions when making decisions related to their investments moving forward.

Binance CEO Sees Stablecoin Landscape Shifting: $2.45B Moved To USDT