The Japanese financial services provider, SBI Holdings, recently announced that it will offer crypto-derivatives as its new service modality. This time it is crypto derivatives for the short term. They will trade with so-called contracts for difference or CFDs.

The service will be specifically launched on the SBI FX TRADE platform and will include Bitcoin Method, Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) equivalents. Also, it was notified that they will be able to be matched with currencies such as the US Dollar (USD) and the Japanese Yen (JPY).

It should be noted that this financial services provider belongs to the Holdings Group corporation. It employs more than 5 thousand workers and is one of the main financial centers of the Asian nation.

Crypto-derivatives on the agenda of the giant SBI Holdings

SBI Holdings‘ official announcement that it will offer crypto derivatives in the short term was made public last Friday. In this sense, they explain that the three mentioned crypto currencies reflected, will be equal to the USD and the JPY, which means that there will be 6 different types of CDF.

The magnitude of the figures for the orders available in the operations, are one of the most outstanding issues of the announcement. This is because, as far as the JPY is concerned, trades can be opened from 15 yen to 500 Bitcoins. This is for JPY/BTC pairs.

On the other hand, SBI Holdings, assured that they have a mobile application, through which investors will be able to access the system. Through this application, investors will be able to enjoy 24/7 service.

In this way, the Japanese giant SBI Holdings will offer all the advantages to users so that they can be aware of their investments in crypto-derivatives. Another important feature is that there is a leverage service in which people will be able to take away from the platform.

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Among suspicions and suspicious looks
Although SBI Holdings belongs to a conglomerate with a high presence in international finance, it is still under the scrutiny of regulators. It should be noted that controversy is an almost natural quality of finance.

In this regard, one of the most important regulators in the United Kingdom, the FCA or Financial Conduct Authority, has issued warnings. The entity assured that this type of services would be prohibited when it comes to retailers.

The reasons for the prohibition of crypto-derivatives such as those to be offered by SBI Holdings were expressed last year by the FCA. It called them „inadequate financial products for retail investors.

In the FCA’s view, retail investors are not in a position to „reliably“ assess the value and risks of these services. Despite this, SBI Holdings assured that it would not be limited in its services to both expert and novice operators.

SBI Holdings to offer crypto derivatives to users